I grew up on a small farm in rural Washington State. Caring for animals, tending gardens, and cultivating harvests taught me to pay attention to the interconnectivity of all things, fostering in me a deep appreciation for how the natural world influences our sense of self and well-being. Throughout my subsequent academic career, I have found this sense of holistic interconnectivity from my childhood to be a powerful touch point and source of deep wisdom about wellness and healthy relating.

After graduating from Pepperdine University with a degree in clinical psychology, I earned a doctorate from Pacifica Graduate Institute, where I specialized in somatic studies—the investigation of the connection between mind and body. My interest in mind-body wellness subsequently led me to complete two certificate trainings from Harvard University’s Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine, as well as becoming a certified yoga instructor. I also hold a graduate degree from New York University in Communications, which has helped inform my understanding of systems of communication in various domains of life. In addition, I am a current member of The Institute of Coaching, at McLean/Harvard Medical School, which provides on-going seminars, education and research based on coaching and well-being.

Throughout my professional career, I have continued to emphasize the influence of emotions, behavior, psychology, and neurobiology on well-being, including conducting an in-depth academic research investigation into the role of empathy in relational health, which can be applied in both personal and professional environments.

I have had the opportunity to apply my passions in numerous professional settings, including public schools, universities, counseling centers, hospitals, businesses, and even women’s prisons. I have presented my work at conferences both nationally and internationally, and have assisted in university research looking into human relationships, as well as organizational health and well-being. My work has led me to connect deeply with people across a diversity of ages and experiences, and my passion for the arts allows me to help each individual find the joy and value in creativity.

To engage in fruitful self-care, the whole self must be nurtured with patience, kindness, and respect. I apply the diversity of my life experiences and training to help my clients cultivate their lives so that they may become more whole in mind, body, and spirit.


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