Teachings & Trainings

Based on your personal or organizational desired goal, teachings and trainings can help facilitate deeper knowledge of the ways to facilitate optimal wellness for individual staff members, team leads, or the entire organization.

Drawing on recent findings in neuroscience and a data driven approach, I work to create results that help drive growth.

Consulting & Coaching

Consulting and coaching services are offered for both individuals, or organizations. Services are customized to help optimize functioning. My unique integrative approach to fostering well-being allows for analysis of current circumstances and then the implementation of clear goals, work to identify roadblocks, and practical tools to achieve goals personally and professionally.

Whether you are seeking a minor shift, or a dramatic change, consulting and coaching can help leverage stronger individual or team outcomes.


Research services include organizing, from beginning to end, original research and data collection based on your needs and current goals. This helps to strengthen and enhance positive growth potential to achieve the goals you envision.

Research services also can include grant writing and research informed articles to help fuel growth for your company or organization.

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